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Quirky Design Challenge

Extension Tape


Spring 2018

Industrial and interaction design (IID) students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts’ (VPA) School of Design partnered with the community-led invention platform Quirky to deliver a one-of-a-kind invention experience. When the students returned from winter break to the Nancy Cantor Warehouse for the start of the spring semester, they were greeted by Quirky industrial design lead and IID alumnus Lex Zelekowitz ’17 and briefed on their Quirky invention challenge, “The World’s Greatest Party Host,” to design the next generation of party-planning and hosting products.

My team's product "Extension Tape" was chosen as one of the winners. 

Team: Robyn Adams, Adams Johnson, Pippa Fung, Marissa Jacobs

Adams, Fung, Jacobs, Johnson
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