"Sometimes we all need to take a break from our serious work lives to have a little bit of fun. I believe everyone should experience the joy of play no matter how old you are. I want to bring joy and innocent curiosity back into people’s lives through design."

Robyn Adams is a maker, designer and artist currently living in Los Angeles. At a young age Robyn was always getting her hands dirty. Whether it was making a stick fort or crafting her own accessories she was and always has been a curious sole. She took her passion for creating and making to Syracuse University’s Industrial and Interaction Design program to earn her Bachelor of Industrial Design. During her summers she interned for various companies and designers such as MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Syracuse University Design Works and Brian Giniewski.

After graduating in May of 2019 Robyn moved to Los Angeles to continue her passion for creating as an industrial design intern at AeroVironment, a technology company at the intersection of drones, robotics, sensors and software.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.

Designed By Robyn Adams

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